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Luna has a B.S. in Biology, and studied Cosmetic Chemistry at UCLA.  She graduated from the Aveda Institute and received most of her notoriety as a celebrity esthetician while working for renowned doctors in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Luna's journey into her spiritual path started at a very young age. Her mother is of Indigenous Honduran descent and her father is 100% Native American. With this combination of cultures she has learned many different styles of healing. Healing takes place on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

She has also been fortunate enough to be taught advanced mysticism from Jade Sol Luna. Jade is the first Westerner ever to reconstruct Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) into a Greco-Roman format which is called Asterian Astrology. During and after Jade's formal Astrological training, Bhau Kalchuri (disciple of Meher Baba) and Kal Babaji (Khajuraho India), tutored him in the arts of advanced mysticism and other forms of classical Indian lore.

Although trained as a healer, she acknowledges that healing depends upon The Great Spirit's will and a patient's receptivity: "I am a healer, I'm a conduit, a hollow bone, if you will. For a someone to be healed, he or she must be receptive to a higher power. 

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