Research shows that our brain, immune system and antioxidants may be the strongest determiners of how we age.  

We are so dedicated to helping support our customers ability to possibly "grow younger" so to speak, that we continue to research natural (really!) sources of foods and herbs that may help provide your body with nutrients that may have a positive effect on body functions including your: 

Immune System
Brain Function
Heart Health
Bone Strength & Support
Muscle & Connective Tissue Health
Vascular Function
Digestive Health
Body Cleansing
Releasing Weight
Skin Care  

Certain whole foods (including herbs) have been shown to have unique effects on the body functions that may support the cleansing, strengthening, nourishing, nurturing and also helping in the rejuvenation of the cells that make up our entire body (including glands, organs, tissues, veins, arteries, bones,..).  

We have chosen many of these special "super foods" to create unique combinations of drinks, foods, and supplements that are not only superior in nutrition than may be found elsewhere, and we believe that the sourcing is just as important as the actual ingredient!  We choose chemical and pesticide free ingredients that are free of Gluten and GMO's as well as are tested for metals, molds and radiation.

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